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Data Scientists spend only 20 % of their time doing data science

In any complex data processing, Data Scientists spend most of their time struggling with computers, hardware and software, waiting for deployment issues to be fixed, dealing with complex IT processes, talking to support, etc.

When they run complex big data processes they often end ud starting an analysis multiple times tweaking parameters until it eventually works.


Biomedical Data Science results CANNOT easily be reproduced

It might seem surprising as it’s all about computer and mathematics, but it is a well documented fact.

It’s a substantial part of the current general reproducibility crisis in Science.

Data Analysis is cumbersome.

Producing a Yes or No decision for a drug, a vaccine or a device for one patient or thousands implies running millions lines of code written in many different programming languages.

The smallest change in a single step can have a huge impact making a result not reproducible.


Frictionless Deployment

Zero deployment effort, zero instantiation effort.

Once loaded in Palaamon, any complex data analysis module can be used in Research or in Development in compliance with all health regulations.

Palaamon enables focusing on Data Science without compromising anything.



Palaamon is built using last generation of cloud-native software architecture.

It ensures jobs distribution with the highest performance for the lowest cost and power consumption.

It scales up horizontally as well as vertically on demand.

It also ensures IPR of data as well as of calculation modules.


AI based

We are developing AI modules to optimize cloud resources usage for big data processing modules using historical data from previous runs.

Thus the data processing is optimized as much as possible. Workflows executions are continuously improved.

We are using Advanced Probabilitic Graphical Models to produce similarity likelihood scores between results.



Transparent, Traceable, Replicable, Reproducible (T2R2)

Palaamon takes transparency to its deepest ground. Everything is tracked and nothing can be tampered. The code execution becomes its own mathematical proof similarly to what is happening in Distributed Ledgers.

Palaamon supports quality standards like GxP, 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO/IEEE 11073.

Our ultimate goal is getting always closer to T2R2!



Palaamon will provide a software market to enable anybody to deploy or use complex data analysis modules. It will become a hub to share analysis modules and to interact with their authors. It will enable a new dimension of data analysis, giving anybody access to the best scientific methods.