Mission - Vision - Values


At Llaama we believe that Data Scientists deserve to focus on what they are brilliant at and what they love to do: analyzing data in service of scientific breakthroughs.

Our responsibility is to build Cloud-Native platforms, like T2R2, that make AI and Data Science easier, faster, fun and reproducible.

Great Software Architectures and engineering are at the core of the best R&D Pipelines. And every result that is produced by AI Data Science should be easily reproducible.

Well designed Cloud-Native Architectures, combining public, private, hybrid and edge, can add huge value to any company. They enable continuous innovations, operational improvements and an increase of growth opportunities.

Our mission is to enable companies to take advantage of Cloud-Native technologies to become Cloud Continuum Competitors.



We see ourselves as enablers. We are engineers serving Science and R&D&I.

We have considerable expertise in the most advanced technologies, like Cloud-Native architectures, Actor-based development, Reactive software, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

We know the pharma and the biotech industries inside-out and we want to offer them the very latest advances in software engineering.

We understand the requirements for regulatory compliance for the life science industry very well. We build solutions that are designed from the start to be fit for regulatory inspections.

We have carefully chosen our technology stack, which we continuously assess. We partner with worldwide leading companies for big data & real-time processing software.

Passion for technologies and Science, always learning and improving, sharing knowledge and expertise, and getting things done, will always be our DNA.



We firmly believe in servant leadership, and we put our employees first because we know how demanding it is to create and build great software systems.

We believe freedom is key to creativity. But freedom comes with much responsibility.

We set up small teams that are fully accountable for their contribution to the systems they build.

The strength and the beauty of nature are the direct result of biodiversity, evolution, and adaptability.

We believe it should be the same at the workplace. We are looking for team members with diverse backgrounds who are eager to learn and experiment. We embrace positive critical thinking as an approach to move projects forward.

We take our responsibility towards society and the environment very seriously.

We build software for good: we release open-source modules and keep free versions. We wisely choose our architectures to limit their impact on the environment (e.g. asynchronous actors architecture can considerably reduce CPU power consumption).

We are convinced that these values are best to serve all our stakeholders in the long term whether users, shareholders, investors, or partners.