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Generative AI and LLM based solutions enable to leverage the power of various data and knowledge sources.

With the right guardrails, they will be boosting the productivity of your organization.

From Data Governance to GenAI

Make your Gen-AI journey smooth and interlaced with sustainable values. We provide extensive expertise in AI, Edge to Cloud-Native Architectures, Data Governance, Data Strategy, Decentralized systems, T2R2™ solutions, FAIRification and Regulatory Compliance.

With our off-the-shelf software bricks, you can move quickly from a POC to advanced productive AI solutions.

With You, from Data Strategy to Precision Generative AI

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T2R2 Traceability Backend powered by Kalix


Kalix, the perfect PaaS solution for T2R2

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Linthaal, a generative AI Graph-of-Thought for Biopharma


Linthaal, a Generative AI Open Source Library for Life Science

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Dive into the world of Transparency, Traceability, Replicability and Reproducibility (T2R2)

With the growing complexity of Data Science and AI workflows, ensuring T2R2 is more important than ever.

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Generative AI in the Enterprise

GenAI has already started adding a lot of value to many enterprises. But much more is yet to come.

GenAI is based on Large Language Models (LLM) that mimic the way human beings reason and argue. Thus, LLMs can easily be used as reasoning engines to extract information, combine it or summarize it.

The main downside of LLMs is their tendency to hallucinate because they do not have a concept of truth nor any relationships to the real physical world.

Fortunately, with well defined guardrails it is possible to almost prevent hallucinations.

We build GenAI assistants that are controlled by well defined sources of truths rules.

Our agents continuously learn and eventually will specialize for each individual in the company.

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Designing Production AI Solutions

Building GenAI solutions is all about good engineering.

Starting with a POC, followed by a MVP are important milestones.

Afterwards good iterations planning is of paramount importance.

If it's well done, the GenAI will only grow in expertise, in quality, in efficiency, in preciseness and speed to return the most valuable answers.

It's software engineering with an infinite growth mindset and perspective.

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Building Bricks rather than Proprietary Lock-in

We build GenAI solutions as multi-agent systems.

Multi-agent system is an old software paradigm central to AI.

It's the idea of designing complex systems as interactions of autonomous rather simple agents. Each agent is therefore responsible for one very precisely defined and limited task.

Some agents can work in semi-isolated flat groups or hierarchies. Agents talk to each other and exchange information, especially in their neighborhood, with messages.

These kind of architectures enable to build very efficient Graph-of-thought GenAIs. They are very flexible, decentralized and cloud agnostic.

A GenAI solution can be build like a lego construction, with software bricks.

Also, very interesting and advanced features can emerge almost spontaneoulsy from those architectures.

And last but not least, there is no proprietary lock-in possible anymore.


GenAI for Life Science

Life Science Scientists are overwhelmed with the amount of available data and knowledge.

Papers are published in thousands everyday. Keeping up even in very specialized fields is difficult.

There are plenty of sources for bioinformatics data, pathways, information about diseases and their mechanisms, etc.

Data and Knowledge are produced by thousands of technological means (DNA/RNA sequencing, proteomics, metabolomics, single-cell sequencing, imaging, etc.) within companies and some become available on public data sources (e.g. GEO).

The need for AI solutions is immense and growing. That's the reason why we are building a multi-agent Graph-of-Thought set of software bricks specially targeting Life Science.

Enabling scientists to explore a domain the way they choose, providing context information, summaries, sources of truths, guidance from all possible sources, using GenAI, that's what we do for Biopharma.

But in Pharma, serendipity has to be grounded in sound science as eventually it will be used to produce a new drug or device.

Therefore all our GenAI take advantage of our T2R2™ platform to ensure ultimate traceability and reproducibility of all results.

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