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We will help you with our profound expertise in AI, Edge to Cloud-Native Architectures, Data Governance, Data Strategy, Distributed Systems Design, FAIRification and Regulatory Compliance.

Our SaaS solutions address the most challenging data processing problems in Biopharma R&D and beyond

Your AI and Data Science will always be Transparent, Traceable, Replicable and Reproducible with our T2R2 Platform, Frictionless Deployment included.

We take the Pain out of AI and Data Science

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How to define Biomarkers?

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Smart Digital Twins Architecture


Digital Twins are key components of the Digital Transformation of many industries.

But, how to design and implement an efficient and resilient Digital Twin System?

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Dive into the world of Transparency, Traceability, Replicability and Reproducibility (T2R2)

With the growing complexity of Data Science and AI workflows, ensuring T2R2 is more important than ever.

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Cloud Continuum

On your Cloud journey, defining a cloud strategy is the first step.

When Cloud becomes the new default, Cloud-Native architecture and engineering require changes in mindset.

Your engineers will need to think distributed first.

You might also consider to move from application-centric to data-centric systems.

To reach Cloud-Continuum you will need to define a cloud architecture strategy that might combine public, private, hybrid and edge cloud.

Once in place, Cloud-Continuum will significantly accelerate your innovations and enable continuous operational improvements.


Frictionless AI and Data Analysis Modules Deployment

Our AI and Data Analysis pipelines make frictionless deployment possible for the most complex and data intensive workflows.

We optimize data availability and make sure the best node is used for a defined task within a specific data set. While some modules might need very powerful CPU, some GPU, others will run best with 500 GB of RAM.

With last generation containerization, cloud orchestration, optimized data colocation and transfer, data lake and AI modules, learning from thousands of historical runs, we enable the continuous improvement of your data processing.

Your workflows become faster and more reliable while consuming less resources.


T2R2 - Transparent, Traceable, Replicable and Reproducible

Easy reproduction of AI and Data Science results with T2R2 by design!

Producing a Yes or No decision for a drug, a vaccine or a device for one patient or thousands implies running millions of lines of code written in many different programming languages.

The smallest change in a single step can have huge impacts making results not reproducible. It might seem strange as it’s all about mathematics, but it is a well-documented fact.

We take transparency to its deepest ground. The code execution becomes its own mathematical proof.

Don’t hassle with implementing Transparency, Traceability, Replicability and Reproducibility one by one onto systems that are neither cloud-native nor T2R2 by design.

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Quality and Compliance

We approach software engineering with the same standard as our solutions and embed transparency, traceability, reproducibility, and replicability into our own work.

Applying agile development and deploying emerging technologies whilst making sure that your business process and data are compliant with all applicable regulations is not a vision for us – we have been doing it successfully for over twenty years.

Our team can show you how to harmonize your IT landscape and Cloud Continuum Strategy with compliance requirements without overhead.

Cybersecurity, Data Integrity, Health Regulations and Quality Risk Management belong to our basic vocabulary.

We build solutions that can bridge the gap between research and development.


Ultra-Fast Data Streaming and Digital-Twins

Digital-twins map physical objects (IoTs, wearables, sensors, etc.) to autonomous software agents.

These agents run in the cloud and interact with their physical counterparts. Data can then be streamed in all directions.

Using data streaming technologies combined with digital-twins enable a whole range of new applications like Predictive Maintenance, real-time AI, Simulation, etc.

These new approaches radically improve and accelerate data processing in all industries.

Are you interested in high performance data streaming tailored to your specific industry?

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