Designing Cloud-Native Systems

Are you interested in designing, engineering and implementing Cloud-Native applications?

Do you need an AI solution to solve your burning issues?

Do you need support to get Smart Digital-Twins implemented the right way?

Are you struggling with your Digital Transformation?

Do you want to become a Cloud-Continuum Competitor making the cloud your new default?

We will setup a team of senior engineers for your project.

We will get things done in short iterations.

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The Power of Open Source Software

We have decades of expertise on dozens of Open Source platforms.

In the past 10 years, we have been builing expertise on many of those for Cloud-Native, Big Data, Fast Data, Data Streaming and AI.

Amongst many technologies, we have deep expertise in Scala, Java, Groovy, Kubernetes, Spark, Docker, Quine, Kafka, Flink, Delta Lake, Akka.

For us, Cloud-Native is the new default. We build software using bricks and deploy on the large combined cloud (public, private, hybrid and edge).

If you need support building solutions around those powerful tools, libraries and platforms, let us know.


Akka Platform

Akka is a toolkit for building high performance, distributed applications.

Akka is Reactive, distributed by default, ideal for the cloud, highly responsive, resilient by design and extremely elastic and decentralized.

It's based on the Actor Model, which is ideal to build complex distributed systems as it abstracts concurrency.

Akka is at the core of many of the most demanding platforms running all around the world (Tesla, GM, PayPal, ING, HPE, etc.).

The Akka platform fits perfectly well to design microservices, API, etc. It solves the implementation of Digital-Twins in the most elegant way.

We are offering an Akka training from which you can find the slides here.

We are an official partner of Lightbend and we would love to support you in your next Akka project.


Tailored Biopharma Cloud Application

Are you looking at solving the issues of Transparency, Traceability, Replicability and Reproducibility in Data Science?

Is the deployment of complex Data Analysis Workflows in the cloud an issue?

Do you need support to build a Biopharma Streaming Application?

We have been developing several Cloud-Native distributed microservices to solve those issues.

Our architecture enables to build tailored platforms for your very specific needs.

For many typical Biopharma problems, we don't need to start from scratch, we might already have some microservices. We avoid the Not Invented Here (NIH) Syndrome.

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soft engineering

Trainings, Webinars, Reviews

We help organizations in their Digital transformation and to become Cloud Continuum Competitors.

We organize trainings on different technologies like Scala, Akka, AI, Spark, Reactive technologies...

We do architectures and code consultancy and reviews.

We provide support for Cloud Strategy, Digital Transformation, Data Centric Architectures, Computer System Validation, GxP and Data Governance.