Reactive project?

Are you interested in building a Cloud-Native Reactive system?

Do you need support to get Smart Digital-Twins implemented the right way?

Do you need a ML/AI solution to solve your burning problems?

We can setup a team of engineers for your project.

We will get things done in short releases. Depending on the requirements we can involve our partners, worldwide leaders in their domain.

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Akka Platform

We think the Actor Model is the ideal architecture to build complex distributed systems.

It enables to build message driven systems that are highly responsive, resilient by design and extremely elastic.

We are continuously assessing platforms and libraries and we have found that the Akka platform is from far the most advanced, reliable and mature set of libraries to build the most demanding solutions. It's not a surprise that it is at the heart of many of the most complex and intensive web applications and services running all around the world.

The Akka platform fits perfectly well to design microservices oriented systems.

It solves the implementation of Digital-Twins in the most elegant way.

Get back to us if you need support in building a distributed application.


Tailored Biopharma Cloud Application

Are you looking at solving the issues of Transparency, Traceability, Replicability and Reproducibility in Data Science?

Is the deployment of complex Data Analysis Workflows in the cloud an issue?

Do you need support to build a Biopharma Streaming Application?

We have been developing several Cloud-Native distributed microservices to solve those issues.

Our architecture enables to build tailored platforms for your very specific needs.

For many typical Biopharma problems, we don't need to start from scratch, we might already have some microservices. We avoid the Not Invented Here (NIH) Syndrome.

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soft engineering

The Power of Open Source Software

We have decades of expertise on many open source platforms.

In the past 10 years, we have been specializing on those for Cloud-Native, Big Data, Fast Data, Data Streaming and ML/AI.

If you need support building solutions around those powerful tools, libraries and platforms, let us know.


Trainings, Webinars, Reviews

From time to time, we also organize trainings and webinars on Scala, Akka, ML/AI, or Reactive technologies.

We enjoy doing architecture and code consultancy and reviews.

We love sharing our knowledge about advanced technologies and how to best adopt them in real use cases.