T2R2 Architecture

Updated 2022-04-01

Bernard DeffargesBernard Deffarges

T2R2 is a Cloud-Native and pure Reactive platform, following the Reactive Manifesto.

T2R2 is a set of microservices, written in Scala, using the Akka Actor framework.

Workers are the pieces of code that are doing the AI, data analysis and Scientific Calculations.

They are all packaged as sepratate containers with all their dependencies.

Many workers are using experimental pieces of code in different programming languages written by researchers.

Some of these workers can become unstable as they were often written as scientific experiments.

Others are very sensitive to varying input data or file formats. They can crash because a comma has been replaced by a semi-colon.

But at the same time, they can provide implementations of very advanced scientific ideas that are very useful beyond pure research.

Akka has a lot of features that can be very helpful in those tricky situations. For instance, T2R2 wokers are totally isolated from each other and watched all the time to ensure full traceability. They can share data when needed but they cannot damage each other.